Core Values

The Unicapital Group operates with the following values to make every transaction a success.


-Deliver on commitments

-Disclose complete and accurate information

-Maintain confidentiality of sensitive information despite pressure from others to reveal it.


-Follow policies, regulations, processes and systems.

-Learn and implement best practices at all times.

-Accept individual responsibility and accountability in one’s work.


-Keep abreast of best industry practices and standards.

-Initiate, encourage and implement doable suggestions for improvement.

Customer Focus

-Actively seek information to understand customer related circumstances, problems, expectations and needs.

-Take immediate action to meet customers’ needs and concerns.

-Interact with customers to build mutual understanding of issues and capabilities.


-Promote collaboration and cooperation within the organization.

-Treat people with respect.

-Commit firmly to company’s programs, plans and activities.

-Maintain open lines of communication with colleagues.

-Develop mutual trust and professionalism among colleagues.


-Put the welfare of the company and its stakeholders above one self.

-Work as if we own the company; its success is also our success.