DISCOUNTING OF RECEIVABLE FACILITY is a form of short-term borrowing which your company can use to improve your working capital and cash flow position.  The facility allows your business to draw money against the receivables from your customers before its due date. Acceptable receivables for discounting are as follows:
Customers Post Dated Check (Corporate Checks)
Outstanding invoice/billings with delivery receipt and acceptance by customer
The BENEFITS and FEATURES of the facility are as follows:
  1. No hard collateral required
  2. Affordable interest rate
  3. Avoid waiting 45 to 90 days to collect on your receivables
  4. Rapid improvement in your cash flow
  5. Negotiate quick-pay pricing with your suppliers
  6. Ensures on time release of salaries and wages
  7. Easy collection/payment procedures
  8. Helps increase your BUSINESS and INCOME

List of Requirements for Discounting of Receivables:

  1. Duly filled up accomplished Application Form
  2. HR 201 File of principal owners and key officers
  3. SEC / DTI Registration
  4. Latest General Information Sheet (GIS)
  5. Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws
  6. List of Owners / Officers and Organizational Structure
  7. Company Profile
  8. Business Registration Papers (Business Permit and Mayor’s Permit)
  9. Latest 3 Years BIR-Filed Audited Financial Statements (AFS)
  10. Interim Financial Statements, if the AFS is more than 6 months old upon application and/
  11. or Latest In-House Financial Statements
  12. Latest 6 Months Bank Statements of Main Bank Account/s Latest Income Tax Return (ITR)
  13. Information on Bank Accounts and Credit Facilities, if any (Please Include contact name and contact number) List of Clients/Customers whose invoices/billing will be Discounting plus photocopy of latest contract
  14. (Please Include contact name and contact number)
  15. List of Major Suppliers (Please Include contact name and contact number) We will be more than willing to pay you or your selected representatives a visit at your most convenient time.
For more information, please call:
The Structured Finance Department
Unicapital Finance and Investment, Inc

Lerry D. Durendez

Cell No. 0917-5009318


Victor Joseph L. Guerrero

Cell Nos. 0920-9757560


Duly filled up credit application form and requirements can be emailed to, or They can also be mailed/delivered to The Structured Finance Department, Unicapital Finance and Investments Inc. ,3rd Floor Majalco Building, Benavidez corner Trasierra Streets, Legaspi Village, Makati City, Metro Manila.