Stock Trading for retail, institutional, and corporate accounts:

The Debt and Equity Capital Markets group (the“ECM” group) provides a broad range of investment banking services to a diverse group of publicly and privately-owned corporations, government-owned corporations, financial institutions, and individuals. Our Investment Banking services are as follows:

  • Advisory dealing

Our team of dedicated market professionals advise the client on which shares to buy and selling depending on prevailing market conditions. We provide valuable insights on the latest market trends and developments to help the clients identify profitable trades. 

  • Discretionary dealing

Our discretionary dealing service (i.e., we decide for the client) is tailor made to suit the client’s financial goals and objectives. We balance the client’s investment return objectives with his/her risk tolerance and time horizon. We work alongside our clients on an regular basis to implement their goals and track their progress.

  • Execution-only

We ensure that our client’s trading experience is fast and reliable. We use a dependable trading system to execute the orders effectively and efficiently.