Unicapital Finance and Investments, Inc.

Please read and understand carefully:

I wilfully provide and will provide Unicapital Finance and Investments, Inc. (UFII) my personal information and sensitive personal information which may be used to identify, evaluate, and make decisions on me.

I grant my consent to UFII’s collection, recording, organization, storage, updating, modification, retrieval, consultation, use, analysis, profiling, consolidation, sharing, transmitting, blocking, erasure, destruction and other similar processing of my personal information and sensitive personal information as defined by the Data Privacy Act of 2012 – including but not limited to my name, contact details, personal circumstances, TIN, and other information – for the following purposes:

  1.  To enable or facilitate UFII to perform its obligations or enforce its rights with respect to my credit line agreement (or other instruments) as well as other foreseeable transactions and arrangements with UFII or its related companies;
  2. Ensurethatmyinformation,status,situation,andactivitiesareingoodandacceptablecondition for UFII to provide or continue providing its services, perform its obligations, enforce its rights, or claim its interests; and
  3. With respect to me being a client or prospective client of UFII, to enable UFII to perform its general and usual businesses and services as a financial company. These include (i) profiling my credit fitness, risks, and tendencies; (ii) making and acting on decisions about me; (iii) transmitting my information to third parties for collection of my payments; (iv) outsourcing or sub-contracting the transmission, storage, or other processing of my information; (v) submission of information to regulators and auditors; (vi) offering of other services of UFII and its related companies; and (vii) transfer of information to third parties in line with any of the above for marketing and collection. 

I continually grant this consent until ten (10) years from the latter of: (i) the existence of a legal or contractual right or obligation of UFII to me; (ii) date of last transaction or business relation with UFII; or (iii) UFII may use any part of the information to comply with legal, regulatory or audit requirements or defend its interests against risks and claims.

I unconditionally warrant that:

  1. All information I provide to UFII are accurate;
  2. IobtainedtheconsentofthepersonsfromwhomIobtainedtheinformationIsubmittedtoUFII;
  3. I shall not disclose to any party any confidential, personal, or sensitive information or trade secret I obtained or learned from UFII or its related companies and parties;
  4. IconsenttoandwillabidebytheUnicapitalGroupPrivacyPolicywhichIwillreadfromtime- to-time in its website for updates. I will first attempt to resolve issues by sending an email to dpo.ufii@unicapital-inc.com before referring the dispute to any court or authority; and
  5. I hold free and harmless UFII, its related companies, and their respective shareholders, directors, officers, employees, and representatives for any and all forms of direct and third-party claims, losses, damages, charges, fees and expenses of whatever nature which I may have now or in the future have.