Investment Banking

Investment Banking involves assisting corporations and government institutions in raising capital, engaging in mergers and acquisitions and providing ancillary services such as post-transaction support, fixed income, equity, derivative, commodity and currency trading.

Building on its network of client relationships and its in-depth industry knowledge, Unicapital’s Investment Banking Team is fully committed to deliver expert advice, innovative financial solutions, superior transaction execution and access to the Philippine debt and equity capital markets.

Given its strategic focus in providing investment banking services to the emergent growth sectors of the Philippine economy, the Investment Banking group continues to expand its capabilities and experience in various industries.

•    Banking and Insurance
•    Consumer Goods
•    Food and Beverage
•    Information and Communication Technology
•    Media and Telecommunications
•    Mining and Natural Resources
•    Pharmaceuticals and Health Care
•    Property Development
•    Renewable Energy Power Generation
•    Semiconductor Manufacturing
•    Transportation
•    Water and Electric Utilities

 Through the years, Unicapital has also carved out a niche in providing investment banking services to small and mid-sized institutions with the aim of accelerating growth and reaching critical mass.