November 2022
best account to use for your business - savings account or checking account - unicapital

Savings Account or Checking Account: Choosing the best account for your business

Savings or Checking account; The difference between the two The difference between saving and checking accounts is that businesses use a personal account as a backup account while ‌a checking account is used to manage business finances.     Savings Account A savings account is best for a business’s personal use. This gives them the...
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business woman register her business with dti and sec in the philippines - business loan at unicapital

How to Register your Business/Company with DTI and SEC in the Philippines

The importance of registering your business in government regulatory agencies How to register a business in the Philippines and why do you need to register it with a government regulatory agency? A registered business gets a lot of benefits and advantages including access to loans, establishing a reputation with prospects, employee hiring, and supplier arrangements....
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Financial Planning Tips for Beginners

Purpose of Financial Planning Financial planning has become one of the most important things to do when wanting to save up. But the question is how it is done properly and how it is really helpful to those who want to manage their finances and investments. The sole purpose of financial planning is to keep...
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How Companies Raise Capital with Investment Banking | Unicapital

How Companies Raise Capital with Investment Banking

What is Investment Banking? Investment banking keenly focuses on the provision of finance for the development of enterprises and corporations—fulfilling their financial needs and raising their capital. In this blog, we will look into the different ways a company can raise capital with the help of an investment bank.      Ways for Companies to...
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