We help you take advantage of the best possible opportunities.


At Unicapital, we are proud of the name we’ve created for ourselves in the industry as a leading independent investment bank in the Philippines. More importantly, we are proud of the many businesses and institutions we’ve helped and assisted in raising capital, providing expertise in financial advisory transactions, engaging in mergers and acquisitions and offering ancillary services including post-transaction support.

Building on our network of client relationships and our in-depth industry knowledge, we are fully committed to delivering sound financial advice, innovative financial solutions, superior transaction execution and access to the Philippine debt and equity capital markets.

Given our strategic focus in providing investment banking services to the emerging growth sectors of the Philippine economy, we are committed to expanding our capabilities and experiences in various industries in order to help our partners take advantage of the best possible opportunities for them and their businesses.

Strategic and
Financial Advisory

Our Investment Banking group stands out with our in-depth understanding of the capital markets to effectively translate our resources into actionable financial strategies, and to develop innovative, structured financial products best-suited for each client’s unique situation. We begin with a careful and objective analysis of our client’s historical performance and needs, vis-à-vis its corporate goals and the market conditions at the time of the transaction.

Our team of experts work together to offer you only the best-of-class financial advisory services – from giving advice on a company’s optimal capital structure, cost of capital and value drivers to preparing fairness opinions, business and stock valuation reports, and placement of memorandums.

Our Dedication Continues

Unicapital was reaccredited by the Board of Directors of the Philippine Stock Exchange on June 26, 2018, allowing us to continue to offer services centered in issuing fairness opinions and valuation reports of listed companies and prospective initial applicants.

& Private Placement

Our goal is to bring together individual and institutional investors with projects and businesses in need of capital. Our extensive experience, long-standing business relationships, and wide distribution capability allow us to structure and execute various capital raising activities such as initial public offerings, follow-on offerings, debt issuances, convertible issuances, private placements and derivative transactions.

Corporate Bonds

Corporate Bonds are publicly–issued debt securities that constitute the direct, unconditional and unsubordinated obligations of an issuing corporation. Corporate bonds may either be secured or unsecured. Such debt securities are issued by companies to fund their capital expenditure or expansion activities, amongst others.

Corporate Notes

Corporate Notes are debt securities issued by private corporations but are limited for distribution to a maximum of nineteen (19) Primary Institutional Lenders (PILs) as defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Long-Term Negotiable Certificates of Deposit (LTNCD)

LTNCDs are negotiable certificates of deposit indicating an amount of indebtedness of a bank with a designated maturity. LTNCDs constitute direct, unconditional, unsecured and unsubordinated obligations of issuing banks. LTNCDs are insured with the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC) for up to the maximum insurance set out in and subject to PDIC’s applicable rules and regulations.

Unsecured Subordinated Debt Qualifying as Lower Tier 2 Capital (Tier 2 Notes)

Tier 2 Notes are debt instruments issued by banks to strengthen their capital base as such Notes qualify as Lower Tier 2 Capital. The Tier 2 Notes constitute direct, unconditional, unsecured and subordinated obligations of the bank. Tier 2 Notes, however are not deposits and as such, are not insured by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Commission (PDIC).

Mergers, Acquisitions
and Divestitures

We provide advisory and investment banking services on buy-side and sell-side M&A transactions such as mergers, sales, acquisitions, leveraged buy-outs, spin-offs, and divestitures to various local and regional companies, government agencies and private investors. These M&A transactions can range from the sale or purchase of a business division, a subsidiary, a portion of a company’s assets, or only control of a company. We also offer financial advisory services, such as valuation reports and fairness opinions needed for completion of M&A transactions.

Corporate Restructuring

In collaboration with auditors and legal advisors, we give our clients hands-on assistance in reorganizing their legal, ownership, operational and other structures of a company with the goal of improving its liquidity, financial condition, or operating performance. This also covers preparation for a possible change in ownership or the entry of investors. As a company, we also provide access to the capital markets, financing, and the provision of restructuring advice.

Project Finance

We bring together infrastructure and industrial companies and projects in need of long- term financing, with syndicates of equity investors and debt funders. Unlike traditional balance sheet-based financing, our Project Financing service involves capital-intensive projects that we evaluate based on estimated future cash flows. Our Investment Banking group banks on its experience and network to provide innovative transaction structures, loan syndication, and assistance in negotiation and transaction execution.