Short-Term Business Loan

Fast and easy business loans for micro, small and
medium enterprises

Short-Term Business Loan

Fast and easy business loans for micro, small and
medium enterprises

Introducing ULoan’s Short-Term Business Loan

A Short-term business loan is a type of financing that is designed to meet the immediate needs of a business. This loan is typically used to cover expenses such as payroll, inventory, or unexpected expenses. Through our ULoan Business facility, we are able to offer our own version of a short-term business loan. Unlike traditional loans, our short-term loan offers a shorter repayment period (ranging from six months to one year), faster processing time, and minimal documentary requirements, making it easier to obtain than long-term loans and can be a useful tool for businesses that need quick access to capital.

STBL - Fast Processing

Fast Processing

STBL - Easy Application

Easy Application

Superior Customer Service

Superior Customer Service

Loan Overview

Loanable Amount

PHP 100,000 to PHP 5,000,000

Payment Terms

Minimum of 6 months and maximum of 12 months

Interest Rate

Maximum of 36% per annum

Eligibility Requirements

  • Borrower must have an existing business operating for at least one (1) year.
  • Borrower must have an active checking account for at least six (6) months (with no more than 3 return checks for the past six (6) months).
  • Business must be registered with DTI or SEC.
  • Business must be located and operating within the following areas:
  • Metro Manila
  • Batangas
  • Laguna
  • Cavite
  • Rizal
  • Pampanga
  • Bulacan
  • Borrower’s average monthly gross sales is at least PHP250,000.
  • Borrower’s credit ratio is not higher than 50%

Frequently Asked Questions

To apply, you can:

  • Submit an application online by filling out this form.
  • Call our office directly through our landline: (632) 8892-0991
  • Visit our office located at 3/F Majalco Building, Benavidez cor. Trasierra St., Makati City, Philippines to submit your complete application form and documents.
  • A: The documentary requirements you need to submit will depend on your business type (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation). Please see the full list below.
    • Standard requirements:
      • Duly filled-out and signed UFII Application Form including Authority to Verify Borrower’s Bank Accounts
      • Photocopy of SSS ID and/or any other government-issued ID of the principal borrower
      • Photocopy of latest 6 months Bank Statements and Bank Certification
      • Photocopy of Valid Barangay Business Clearance
      • Photocopy of Valid Mayor’s Permit
      • 2 x 2 Picture of the Principal Borrower
      • Picture of the Exterior and Interior of the Business with Business Signage
      • Photocopy of Proof of Billing (not older than 2 months) for residence and business (ex. electric, water, internet, rent billing)
      • Photocopy of Income Tax Return (Optional)
    • Additional for Sole Proprietorship:
      • DTI Certificate of Business Name Registration
    • Additional requirements for Partnership:
      • SEC Certificate of Incorporation
      • Latest Articles of Partnership
      • Partner’s Resolution
      • Surety of Partners will be required
    • Additional requirements for Corporation:
      • SEC Certificate of Incorporation
      • Latest Articles of Partnership
      • Latest General Information Sheet (GIS)
      • Secretary’s Certificate relative to the loan documents to be signed by the Borrower to UFII (To be submitted prior to release of the approved loan).
      • Surety of Majority Owners

As soon as you submit the complete and correct documentary requirements as your application, our credit team will process them within 7 business days. 

Our maximum interest rate per month is 3%. The final rate will depend on your credit evaluation results. 

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