For more than 40 years, we have been assisting entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses in providing innovative and customized services that cater to their unique needs. Our clients are our partners and this means going the extra mile towards understanding them, providing them with customized products and services tailor-fit to their needs while constantly giving them the attention and priority they deserve.

Discounting of Receivables
For SMEs (DR SMEs)

Dedicated to our mission of guiding small to medium-sized businesses towards achieving growth and success, we are focused on assisting companies achieve better cash flow and secure financing for working capital. Our Discounting of Receivables for SMEs provides short-term financing which allows businesses to avail of funds against receivables due from its customers.

Short Term Loan

Still dedicated to our valued SMEs, our desire is to provide small to medium-sized businesses the opportunity to secure additional working capital via a revolving promissory note line (RPNL). These loans are payable within a twelve-month term through the issuance of post-dated checks under equal monthly amortization.

Finance Lease

In our desire to help clients address the needs of their businesses, ULoan’s finance lease facility allows the lessee to have full operating control of assets under lease and thus, share in the economic returns as well as risks from the change in the valuation of the asset. As a product, the finance lease facility provides an option for businesses to acquire fixed assets with lower cash outlay and longer payment terms of twenty four months, at a minimum.

Term Contract Financing

Another option for businesses to improve their internal cash flow is by applying for our term contract financing product. This facility allows SMEs to avail of advanced funds on their on-going business contracts. We also work with our clients to create a monthly payment schedule arrangement best suited to what they can offer.

Motorcycle Fleet Financing

To bring ease to the business operations of our clients, our motorcycle fleet financing product is designed to allow companies to purchase brand new motorcycle units through straight financing. Aside from the benefit of easier day-to-day operations, companies may also provide these units to their employees as a form of transportation benefit.

New Loan Application

We look forward to helping you reach your financial goals.