Our Solutions. Your Success.

The Unicapital

We are Unicapital Inc. We are a full-service investment house licensed by the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission to provide the widest array of finance and investment banking-related services.

As a leading independent financial services provider in the Philippines, the Unicapital Group’s primary mission is to provide its clients efficient and innovative products and services through the three companies that comprise the group – Unicapital Inc., Unicapital Finance and Investments, Inc. and Unicapital Securities, Inc. The synergy of these three companies allows the Group to provide financial solutions that not only fulfill our customers’ needs, but more importantly bring about customer satisfaction and fulfillment as well.

Our Vision

“To be the preferred Philippine independent financial services partner for the emerging growth sector.”

Our Mission

“To maximize stakeholders’ interests by providing efficient and innovative financial solutions guided by our core values resulting in customer satisfaction, and a strong sustainable income stream”.

Core Values

Our core values are essentially the principles we believe and commit to uphold. These 6 values represent our highest priorities as a company and guide our actions, decisions, and the way we relate to each other, with our clients, our partners, and our stakeholders.


We are committed to upholding the virtue of honesty, transparency, and protecting our strong moral principles in our day-to-day work and decisions.

Commitment to Diligence

We are committed to following company policies, regulations, processes, and systems while constantly accepting individual responsibility and accountability in our day-to-day work.


We are committed to continue to seek innovative ways of dealing with challenges by being open to new and creative suggestions and possible solutions. We are cognizant of best industry practices and standards and constantly initiate

Customer Focus

We are committed to providing our customers with the best products and services that help them achieve their goals and objectives, always striving to actively seek information understand their needs and expectations.


We are committed to promoting collaboration and cooperation within the organization, treating people with respect, maintaining open lines of communication with colleagues, and developing mutual trust and professionalism


We are committed to putting the welfare of the company and its stakeholders above one’s self.