August 2022

Which is a better investment: Stock Market or Mutual Fund?

What is Stock and Mutual Fund Investment? Stock and mutual fund investments are not that much different from each other. Stock investment is a share of ownership, while‌ a mutual fund investment includes both stocks and bonds. But either way, they make a great investment.     Why choose a stock investment or a mutual...
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Eight key concepts you should know about investment banking

What is Investment Banking? Investment banking keenly focuses on the provision of finance for the development of enterprises and corporations—fulfilling their financial needs and raising their capital. In this blog, we will dive deeper and see how investment banking plays a vital role across industries.     Here are the eight key concepts you need...
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Steps to get a Personal Loan

What is a Loan? Has getting a loan ever crossed your mind? Or are you planning to get a loan for whatever reason you may have? First, let us define what a loan is. It is a type of commitment between a borrower and a lender. It is as simple as that; it is the...
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Tips to Get Your Personal Loan or Business Loan Approved

The thing is, not all loan applications merit guaranteed approval. Your financial standing and credit score, among others, can easily influence how lenders assess your loan request. This is why becoming prepared is essential. Read on to discover key requirements and tips to help get your personal or business loan get approved. What are the...
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Loans and Credits for Businesses

If you are considering applying for a business loan, you should know a few things, including the different types of loans you can apply for. Check out the different types of loans below and identify which one suits your business needs. Business Loan Specifically designed for business endeavors, business loans provide capital to businesses. They...
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Things To Consider Before Applying for a Business Loan

This article will detail what a typical bank will expect from you when applying for a business loan. After reading this, you may probably determine if you’re ready to apply for a business loan and expand your resources.   Purpose of Loan and Business Plan A business plan is the first step to convincing your...
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